Helping Photographers Grow Their Workshop Revenue

Helping photographers find workshops and educational opportunities.

Our Story

Hi! My name is Eric Brown, and I founded the Workshop List in 2017. As a photographer, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for workshops to improve my skills. At other times I was interested in sharing my skills with aspiring photographers.

I began to wonder why there wasn’t an online hub for both learning and teaching photography through workshops.

And then it hit me: why not create one?

The Workshop List is my solution for photographers everywhere. This website is designed to help photographers learn new skills through in-person workshops while also allowing professional photographers to grow and sustain their businesses.

So...I focused on building out The Workshop List as the place for photographers to list and manage their workshops.

Why The Workshop List?

If you’ve spent time looking for photography workshops online, you might quickly notice the same things I did:

  • Most photography workshops listed online are out of date
  • Finding photography workshops specific to your location can be tricky

Think of the Workshop List as your photography search engine.

Our goal is to provide that online hub for teaching and learning to give more photographers the opportunity to move forward with their hobby or profession.

Personally, we think it’s been a long time coming, but that’s okay. We’re all here now.

Welcome to the Workshop List!